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    Open Access Days 2021 on Participation
    Location: Open Access Programm

    The Open Access Days are the central annual conference on Open Access and Open Science in the German-speaking world. They will next be held online from 27-29 September 2021 and are organised by the project. The HZB library will be available on Wednesday for questions and suggestions.

    Conference participation is free of charge and does not require registration. You can join at any time. Create your individual agenda. On Monday morning  the keynote lecture and some other presentations are in English.  

    Recommended Highlights:

    Monday :  
    14:00 - Session #1: Aktuelles von den Forschungsförderern: OA-Programme und -Monitorings

    Tuesday :
    09:30 - Session #5: OA für Einsteiger*innen  
    09:30 - Session #6: OA-Finanzierungsmodelle
    14:00 - Session #8: OA in außeruniversitären Einrichtungen
    16:00 - Q&A Session mit Peter Suber – was Sie schon immer zu Open Access fragen und diskutieren wollten!

    Wednesday :  
    11:00 - Workshop 4: Creative Commons Lizenzen FAQs

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    Highlights of Physics
    Location: Würzburg

    The 20th edition of the Highlights of Physics is taking place this year in Würzburg with many opportunities to be there online. A team from HZB will also be there and will speak about our research and the electron storage ring BESSY II.

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    CatLab Highlight Lecture Prof. Yang Shao-Horn (MIT)
    Location: ONLINE
    Prof. Yang Shao-Horn

    Prof. Yang Shao-Horn
    Electrochemical Energy Lab
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Addressing Scientific Challenges Towards Mitigating Climate Change
    Moderated by Prof. Robert Schlögl (Fritz-Haber-Institut)

    It is an urgent need to reduce our global carbon dioxide emissions to mitigate climate change. While low-cost electricity from solar and wind provides exciting opportunities to reduce emissions, converting electricity to efficient carbon-free or carbon-neutral energy carriers at scale such as stored electrons, fuels and heat remains challenging to deep decarbonization. Electrochemical reactions are central to electrification via batteries, electrolysis in making chemicals, fuels and materials, and negative emission technologies, which represent three important capabilities to connect electricity with our energy demands. Fundamental research on surface and molecular sciences, electron/ion transfer, and ion transport is instrumental to address scientific challenges and make breakthroughs in the core technologies such as lithium batteries and production of hydrogen-based carriers and metals.

    In this lecture, we will address scientific challenges and recent progress in regulating surface oxygen activity and tuning interfacial hydrogen bonds to enhance the functions of lithium batteries, and electrocatalysis of water splitting.


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       Workshop / Seminar
    Third European Workshop on OPTICS FOR SOLAR ENERGY
    Location: WISTA, Rudower Chaussee 17, 12489 Berlin, Germany

    The Third European Workshop on Optics for Solar Energy will review current trends and recent developments in the field of optics and nanophotonics for solar energy conversion devices. The workshop covers various topics such as (nano-)optical light management for single-junction and tandem solar cells and solar fuel devices, photon up- and down conversion, optical modelling of mono- and bifacial solar modules and energy yield calculations. The work­shop is organized by the Helmholtz Excellence Network SolarMath. We encourage the participants to not only present their latest results but also to address problems and open questions – this might help to identify possible topics for collaboration.

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    Technology Transfer Award Ceremony
    Location: HZB Wilhelm-Conrad-Röntgen-Campus

    HZB awards prize for the best technology transfer project
    On 5th October, the best innovation project from HZB will be awarded the Technology Transfer Prize 2021. The award ceremony is open to the public and will be recorded at 14:00 in the BESSY II lecture hall at the HZB site in Berlin-Adlershof and broadcast live online.
    An exhibition will provide information about all the projects submitted to the competition from Tuesday, 21st September in Wannsee and in Adlershof.

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    FAIRmat Colloquium (Barend Mons)
    Location: Erwin-Schrödinger-Zentrum der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin / conference room 0'119
    Barend Mons

    Barend Mons will talk about How to materialise FAIR. First, he will share with us the experiences of the early implementation phase of the FAIR guiding principles: He will give a brief historical review, address how FAIR became a hype term (already more than 5000 citations in the 2016 article) and how this also distracted FAIR from its core at some points. He then will zoom in on lessons learned, and how to make FAIR ‘materialise’.  Finally, he will make a plea for proper and well-budgeted data stewardship plans, compliant with the FAIR guiding principles for each and every research project we may contemplate (yes already when we contemplate, not in hindsight!).

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