CoreLabs: Core HZB laboratories for international users and industry

The Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie (HZB) will be setting up CoreLabs a new multi-user platform also available for external academic and industrial partners. These new CoreLabs are complex infrastructures with unique and state-of-the-art equipment. The main purpose of these CoreLabs is research and development of innovative energy materials.

Overview: CoreLabs at the HZB

Corelab Energy Materials in-situ Laboratory Berlin (EMIL)

One part of this multi-user platform is the unique large-scale project EMIL (Energy Materials In-situ Laboratory) located at the synchrotron radiation source BESSY II. EMIL combines soft, tender and hard x-ray spectroscopic methods with a variety of synthesizing, preparation and characterization methods and allows both simultaneous in-situ and operando measurements at several different stations.

Materials for energy conversion and storage can then be analysed in-situ and in-operando. That means, after depositing the thin films, the samples remain in the vacuum and passed on directly to the analytical station. At EMIL, researchers will thus have worldwide unique synthesis and analysis possibilities for their energy materials research, combined with the brilliant X-ray light from BESSY II. → EMIL

X-Ray Corelab

The X-Ray CoreLab has rooms in Wannsee and Adlershof, equipped with several modernised diffractometers. It has been in operation since March 2016. X-ray diffractometry is one of the most important analytical methods in materials research. At the HZB, it is used to develop new materials for energy conversion or storage. These methods are suitable for thin-film analysis and the analysis of powder samples and single crystals. Two highlights among the equipment are the MetalJet high flow sources. These deliver especially intense X-ray light with excellent brilliancy. → X-Ray Corelab

Corelab Correlative Microscopy and Spectroskopy (CCMS)

Latest-generation electron microscopes and scanning electron and ion microscopes are available to researchers in the CoreLab CCMS. These allow materials to be produced, processed and imaged at the nanoscale. Since December 2015, there has been the cooperation in the ZEISS labs@location community, which is a part of the CCMS.
CoreLab CCMS

Hybrid Silicon Perovskite Research, Integration & Novel Technologies (HySPRINT)

Our newest member of the CoreLab platform the Helmholtz Innovation Lab HySPRINT (Hybrid Silicon Perovskite Research, Integration & Novel Technologies) is still under construction. HySPRINT has the objective to develop new material combinations and processes for energy applications. → HySPRINT

Competence Centre Thin-Film- and Nanotechnology for Photovoltaics Berlin (PVcomB)

The mission of PVcomB is to support worldwide growth of thin-film photovoltaic technologies and products by providing top-level development and technology transfer. In co-operative R&D projects with academia and industry all relevant aspects of thin-film photovoltaics are addressed. → PVcomB

CoreLab Quantum Materials

The CoreLab Quantum Materials offers a suite of instruments and methods for the synthesis and the investigation of new materials relevant for energy and information technologies. The methods are quite general and can be applied to many other material classes. This CoreLab makes them available to external scientists and also commercial users. → CoreLab Quantum Materials