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Technical User Support

This department takes care of the technical support of users from their arrival to departure. It is the first point of contact for the users regarding all technical support questions. Furthermore, with its professional expertise of supplying necessary mediums and chemicals it is the foundation of a smooth running storage ring.

Current Issues

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The guaranteed user operation starts Tuesday at 7:00 and lasts until the following Sunday at 19:00.

Between 7:00-11:00 on Tuesday morning the machine is converted to the operating conditions for the user operation. Afterwards, beam line handlers have the opportunity to check their beam line until 19:00. If the conversion of the machine to operating conditions is finished before 11:00 beam line commissioning can start early. The same principle goes, if beam line commissioning is done before 19:00. In this case users can start early with their measurements.

Following the beam line time block on Sunday at 19:00 the machine is available for the acceleration team for characterizing and improving work. This is also true on Mondays. Furthermore, the Personal-Interlock-System (PIS) will be turned off  every Monday of an uneven week in order to allow persons not professionally exposed to radiation access to BESSY II.

Calendar Week

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Operating Mode