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About us

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie (HZB) researches solutions for a climate-neutral society. Scientists are developing and optimising efficient and cost-effective materials for solar cells, batteries and catalysts. These energy materials are essential components for achieving a CO2 neutral and secure energy supply.

Who we are – exploring HZB in about a minute


One of our most essential tools is  BESSY II light source, which delivers intensely bright light, soft X-rays in particular. Researchers are using this special light to study the structure and function of energy and quantum materials. We are also conducting research on new concepts for accelerator-based light sources and developing new instruments for ever greater measuring precision.

BESSY II attracts an annual average of 2700 visits from guest researchers from 28 countries. They use the light from BESSY II to study, among other things, proteins, storage materials and cultural assets. As the only soft X-ray source in Germany, BESSY II is indispensable for the national and international research community.

Research focuses

  • Photovoltaics
  • Thin-film technologies
  • Catalysts / green hydrogen / CO2 conversion
  • Solar fuels
  • Battery materials
  • Quantum materials
  • Accelerator physics & technologies

We contribute to the Helmholtz Research Fields of

  • Energy
  • Matter
  • Information