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Industrial examples


  • Thin-film solar cells/modules
    • Amorphous and microcrystalline silicon (a-Si/µc-Si)
    • Copper indium gallium selenium (CIGS)
  • Wafer-based silicon solar cells
    • a-Si/c-Si heterojunctions
  • Development of materials and process technologies for solar energy conversion and sensor technologies
    • Perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells
    • Laser line sources for material processing and Si on glass technology
    • Nanoimprint lithography, surface functionalisation and sensor technologies
    • Prototypes for novel solar energy converters
  • BIPV & System Integration


  • Chemical conditioning of silicon surfaces for subsequent layer preparation
  • Femtosecond spectroscopy of interfacial reactions
  • Structure elucidation of proteins
  • Morphology of polymer particles in dispersions
  • Investigations on the chemical treatment of metallic surfaces
  • X-ray analysis of metal-finished surfaces
  • Characterisation of printed circuit boards and electronic components
  • Operando spectroscopy of electrochemical processes
  • Lithium-sulphur and lithium-silicon battery electrodes
  • Preparation and characterisation of catalytically active surfaces


  • Thin-film photovoltaic technologies for the solar industry
  • Analysis of turbine components and lightweight materials for the aerospace industry
  • Residual stress investigations in automotive components for the vehicle industry
  • Analysis of surface coatings for tools in machine tool construction
  • Residual stress and profile analysis in thin films and layer lattice semiconductors for the electronics and semiconductor industry
  • Residual stresses in battery components and tomography of sensor components for medical technology
  • Determination of residual stresses and residual austenite content, phase and thermal analysis as well as calorimetry of aluminium alloys for the metal industry and for machine and plant construction


  • Irradiation tests on electronic components
  • Residual stress and microstructure analysis on automotive components
  • Investigations into the creep and fatigue behaviour of a turbine blade material


  • Low temperature and high field magnet systems for neutron scattering experiments
  • Spin Valve
  • Magnetisation measurements using squid