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What we stand for

We work on materials and technologies for a climate-neutral society, especially for energy supply and information technology. For this purpose, we use modern laboratories as well as BESSY II light source.

Who we are – exploring HZB in about a minute


Research for a climate-neutral energy supply

We are working on solutions for a climate-neutral society, especially for a CO2-neutral and secure energy supply. For example, we are investigating next-generation solar cells, new types of batteries or catalytically active materials that enable the conversion of solar energy into chemical energy. In doing so, we thoroughly analyse the physical and chemical processes so that we can further develop these materials to reach our goals.

One research focus is the development of novel catalyst materials for the production of green hydrogen. For these purpose, we are developing the CatLab research platform.

The most important tool for our research is the BESSY II light source. A wide range of spectroscopic and microscopic instruments are available on about 40 beamlines to precisely analyse processes at the molecular and atomic level.

25 Years of BESSY II

Partner of research

Every year, around 2700 external measurement guests from research and industry come to Berlin to use the versatile instruments at BESSY II for their research. We are closely connected with universities and research institutions in the Berlin-Brandenburg area and beyond and collaborate in many international research projects. HZB is part of Germany’s largest research organisation, the Helmholtz Association.

Partner of the economy

Our results do not remain in the laboratory, but are intended to inspire applications. In the Photovoltaics Competence Center PVcomB, research teams work closely with partners from industry on application-oriented questions about solar cell architectures.

To ensure that architects and other experts from building industry and construction always stay up to date with the latest technology, the consulting center for building-integrated photovoltaics (BAIP) offers customised seminars and individual consulting. A large team at HZB establishes contacts in industry and promotes technology transfer on many levels.

Partner of the society

At the Wannsee Campus, together with Charité, we have established the eye tumor therapy, from which more than 4000 people have benefited in the meantime. The core of this form of therapy, which is unique in Germany, is a particle accelerator that was formerly used for basic research.

We also see ourselves as an educational institution. Guided by teachers, scientists and students, we operate a school laboratory in which children and young people can conduct their own experiments at the Wannsee and Adlershof sites. In addition, we train the next generation of scientists. Young people from all over the world do their research here, write their master’s or doctoral thesis on current issues, and then contribute their qualifications to industry and society.