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Virtual tours Wannsee site

Eye tumour therapy with protons

Tour Eye tumour therapy

More than 4000 patients have been treated so far with the help of protons from the particle accelerator at the Wannsee site. The treatment is carried out by teams from the Charité Berlin, while the experts at HZB are responsible for the protons. Here you can see how the protons are produced in the ion source.

More information on eye tumour therapy

Tour „Eye tumour therapy with protons

Building better batteries

Tour Battery Research

Here we are experimenting with battery electrodes made of sulphur and carbon, which we combine with lithium. Such a lithium-sulphur battery is particularly light and comparatively environmentally friendly. In this lab we have set up a pouch cell production line and show the entire process from electrode production to the finished cell.

Tour „Building better batteries“

Electrifying carbon

Tour Electrochemical conversion

Carbon dioxide gas is produced during combustion and causes the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere and thus the climate crisis. But carbon dioxide could also be a raw material from which fuels and chemicals can be produced again. Is that even possible? In this lab, we experiment with electrochemical processes in order to recycle carbon dioxide into valuable products using electrical energy.

More information on Electrochemical conversion

Tour „Electriying Carbon“

Tracking down crystal structures

Tour X-ray CoreLab

The properties of materials are closely linked to their atomic structure. We call this structure crystal structure. With the help of X-rays, we can investigate and determine crystal structures. In this virtual lab tour, we present some of our modern X-ray instruments.

More information on the X-ray CoreLab

Tour „Tracking down crystal structures“

The manufacturing department

Tour manufacturing department

A research centre without a manufacturing department? Unthinkable! This is where we manufacture the new components that the researchers need with the utmost precision. Here we show you how we make the eye shields for eye tumour therapy and demonstrate the CO2 laser.

More information on the HZB manufacturing department

Tour „The manufacturing department“

Solar fuels

Tour Solar fuels

In this laboratory, we produce photoelectrodes that convert the energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. These photoelectrodes have a complex structure consisting of several layers; they not only have to supply voltage in sunlight, but also have to be catalytically active in order to accelerate the formation of hydrogen or oxygen and also remain stable in the aggressive environment of the electrolyte.

More information on Solar fuels

Tour „Solar fuels“