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How do I apply to HZB?

Please apply directly through our application management system. Simply fill out the online form and attach your application documents (cover letter, CV and references/certificates). Please upload your documents in PDF format, making sure that each one is not larger than 10 MB. For reasons related to data protection law, we unfortunately cannot process applications that we receive by email or by post.

When can I expect to receive a response to my application?

After you have sent off your application documents using our online form, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt by email. The application processes take a different amount of time depending on which position you are applying for, and on the number and quality of applications we receive. Candidates fulfilling the requirements will be invited to a preliminary telephone interview or directly to an interview in person. All applicants will receive a response by email at the end of the application process.

I am just about to graduate, but don’t have a matriculation or leaving certificate yet – can I still apply?

Yes.  Simply send us your current grades. You can then provide us with your matriculation or leaving certificate as soon as you have it.

Can I apply for more than one position at HZB at a time?

Yes, you can apply for several positions at a time. Please make a separate online application for each position you wish to apply for.

Can I make an unsolicited application?/Who can I address an unsolicited application to?

No, unfortunately, due to the many applications we continually receive, we do not have the capacity to process unsolicited applications in your interest. But we do invite you to keep looking through the positions we advertise. These are constantly being updated. The next time you check, you might just find a position advertised that is perfect for you.

I noticed that the application deadline for a position I applied for has just changed. Why is that so?

The application deadline can sometimes change due to the number of applications received. Also, internal processes can suddenly change due to exceptional circumstances, which can force the deadline to be pushed to a different date.

Can I submit documents later?

Yes, you can do that in exceptional cases, if we request it. However, please try to submit all of the documents we ask for when you first apply. Of course, we understand that it can take time to obtain certificates and references. It is best if you let us know in the cover letter if you will have to submit any documents at a later date.

I missed the deadline. Can I still apply after the deadline?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply after the deadline because we want to ensure our applicants all have an equal opportunity.

What channels do I go through to submit my application?

Please use exclusively our electronic application management system when applying for our advertised positions. Unfortunately, we cannot process applications that we receive through any other channels, for example by email or by post.

If my application is not accepted, can I receive feedback on why?

Unfortunately, given the large number of applications, we are not in a position to give individual feedback on your application.