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Predecessor organisation Hahn-Meitner-Institut (HMI)

Foundation of HMI

The HMI was set up in 1959 in Wannsee, then under the name “Hahn-Meitner-Institut für Kernforschung” (Hahn Meitner Institute for Nuclear Research). From the very outset there was close collaboration with the universities of West Berlin that contributed decisively to the direction the HMI took over its evolution. The managerial posts at the departments were always linked to the professorships at these universities.

Construction site of the research reactor BER I

The birth of the HMI: construction on the reactor BER I.

Measuring stations at the van de Graaff accelerator

The van de Graaff accelerator (in the fig.: measuring stations) has been the central facility for nuclear physics since the sixties.

Extracts from the following have been published on the internet by courtesy of Harri Deutsch Verlag Fachlexikon abc Forscher und Erfinder / [Hrsg.: Hans-Ludwig Wussing ...]. - Thun; Frankfurt am Main: Deutsch, 1992
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