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Acoustic sculptures on the theme of BESSY-VSR

Acoustic artist Gerriet K. Sharma is composing on the theme of BESSY-VSR.

Ikosahedron at BESSY II

Ikosahedron at BESSY II

Physicists from HZB want to evolve the BESSY II synchrotron radiation source into a variable pulse length storage ring. That will facilitate the study of interesting new problems in energy materials research.

The electron tracks of the new BESSY–VSR electron storage ring design will intersect the acoustic tracks created by Gerriet K. Sharma. The intersection of art and science is obvious in this case. Both sources work with oscillations, frequencies, amplitudes, and superpositions – only in different media.

The intersection promises to be an unusual experiment and extraordinary three-dimensional listening experience. The artist is realising the sculpture of acoustic phenomena using icosahedral speakers and a beam-forming application. This technique causes almost corporeal figures to move in space and alter their contours over the temporal course of the composition.

About the artist

Gerriet K. Sharma is an acoustic artist and composer living in Cologne, Germany and Graz, Austria.

Gerriet K. Sharma at BESSY II

Gerriet K. Sharma and icosahedral loudspeakers at BESSY II (Photo: M. Setzpfandt)

Sharma studied media art at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany, and composition & computer music at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz, Austria. He is currently writing his dissertation "Composition Using Plastic Sound Phenomena in Computer Music” at the renowned Artistic Doctoral School, Graz. He has received various awards including the German Soundart Award.