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How does BESSY II work?

BESSY II is an electron storage ring that produces extremely bright light for research purposes.

At BESSY II, an electron source generates electrons that are pre-accelerated to near light speed. They are then fed into the storage ring. Various components are installed along the storage ring in a circular arrangement. Numerous focusing and diversion magnets lead the particles onto the right flight path. As the electrons fly by certain magnetic arrangements (undulators), they are forced into a slalom course. When they do this, the electrons give off energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation. This synchrotron radiation is redirected through beam tubes to the various experimental stations, where researchers can use it for their experiments. 

In order to guarantee consistently high beam quality, the ring is regularly topped up with new electron bunches.  In the control room, employees of HZB monitor – and readjust as necessary – the quality of the beam during all hours.