Joint Research Groups

HZB maintains Joint Research Groups with universities in Berlin and Potsdam to focus common research interests.

Name University HZB
Prof. Dr. Matias Bargheer Universität Potsdam Ultrafast Dynamics
Prof. Dr. Joachim Dzubiella University of Freiburg Simulation of Energy Materials
Prof. Dr. Norbert Koch Humboldt Universität zu Berlin Molecular Systems
Prof. Dr. Robert Schlögl Fritz-Haber-Institut der MPG und Technische Universität Berlin Catalysis for Energy
Prof. Markus Wahl Freie Universität Berlin Macromolecular Crystallography
Prof. Dr. List-Kratochvil Humboldt Universität zu Berlin Generative production processes for hybrid components
Prof.Dr. Jens Eisert Freie Universität Berlin Quantum Computing and Simulation