HZB is continuously expanding its regional, national and international network. A vital part is the intense interaction with the user community of the large scale facilities BESSY II and BER II. In addition, a large variety of different cooperation formats exist, the most important of which are listed below.

Research collaborations:

  • HZB maintains Joint Research Groups with universities in Berlin and Potsdam to focus common research interests.
  • HZB cooperates with regional, national and international partners in Joint Labs. These laboratories are jointly set-up and financed and allow common scientific goals to be pursued.
  • HZB is involved in two Clusters of Excellence within the Helmholtz Excellence Network.

Collaborations regarding teaching and young talent promotion:

Collaborations with focus on research infrastructure:

  • With collaborating centres within the Helmholtz Association, HZB operates platforms for optimal use of research infrastructures.
  • External partners are operating instruments at BESSY II via CRG-collaboration (Collaborative Research Groups).
  • The Federal Republic of Germany supports access of universities to large scale facilities via Collaborative Projects. The programme funds development, set-up and operation of new experimental infrastructure at HZB, mainly at BESSY II and BER II.

HZB also collaborates with partners from industry. Information can be found on the webpages regarding technology transfer.