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Access for guests, visitors and external companies

In order to access to our research centre, you must observe certain rules at Wannsee and at Adlershof.

Access to the Lise Meitner Campus Wannsee

Access to the premises in Wannsee is only possible with a valid personal ID or passport. Please register at the gate and present your ID there.

Access to the Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Campus Adlershof

Please get in touch with your contact at HZB to clarify the formalities of your stay. Access to the experimental areas at BESSY II is only permitted after registration and approval from the HZB Radiation Protection department (users register through User Coordination).

Notices for guests from non-EU states

Please get in touch with your contact at HZB at least one week before your visit (e.g. the respective secretarial office) so that you can be registered with us as a guest, in compliance with the rules of the foreign trade laws. Only then can you gain access to the premises.

Notice for guests working in radiation-monitored areas of HZB

The Radiation Protection department is responsible for all radiation protection duties at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie. If you wish to work in areas of HZB that are monitored for radiation, you must inform yourself in advance of the radiation protection requirements at Wannsee or at Adlershof before your visit. Please direct any questions to your contact at HZB or to the Radiation Protection department.

Areas subject to radiation monitoring are

Users who have measurement time at BESSY II or in the HZB Corelabs may direct their questions to User Coordination.