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Joint Research Group Hybride MaterialSystems

Joint Research Group

The mutual research group "Hybride Material Systems" is a cooperation between the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin and the  Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. The focus of our research lies on organic semiconductors and their interfaces to inorganic semiconductors as well as metals. We are using mostly synchrotron-based investigation methods to reveal the electronic structure (photoelectron spectroscopy) as well as the geometric arrangement of the molecules(x-ray diffraction).

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© G. Heimel (HU Berlin)

Inorganic/organic hybrid systems

Combining the advantages of inorganic and organic semiconductors is the focus of this research activity. The high absorption cross-section of organic materials reducing device thickness and material consumption is combined with inorganic transparent electrodes that provide significantly higher conductivity than organic materials.

The activities are covering fundamental questions like band allignment at 3D interfaces as well as the realisation of hybrid solar cells (in close collaboration with the group of N. Nickel at the HZB).

Electronic structure of organic single crystals

This research activity utitlizes the advantages of a newly developed electron analyzer to determine the electronic structure of organic single crystals. It is a close collaboration with the university of Uppsala (groups of S. Svennson and N. Mårtensson), VG Scienta, the University Würzburg, and the development team at the HZB (R. Ovsannykov, M. Gorgoi).

The high transmission of the instrument allows experiments at very low photon flux at which the radiation sensitive organic single crystals can be investigated.