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Department Optics and Beamlines


The HZB is operating 39 beamlines at its major research institution BESSY II, additional 4 are under construction. Beamlines are guiding the Synchrotron beam from its source in the storage ring to the experiment at the end of the beamline in the storage ring hall. The beam is thereby adopted to the particular experimental method. Important beam parameters are in this connection focus size and beam divergence, as well as photon flux, energy resolution and energy range. Light source, beamline and experimental method form ideally an optimal unit.

The Department of Optics and Beamlines focuses its work on the design, construction and initial commissioning of new beamlines and x-ray optical systems, as well as on ex-situ and in-situ measurements of optics. For that the department conducts research and development, which incorporate also into existing beamlines, of which support and standard commissioning are in charge of other department and institutes of the HZB. The department see itself as consulting centre for all beamline supporter, which plan bigger commissioning, repairing or reconstruction projects.

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