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Programme-oriented funding

List of abbreviations

POF = Programme-oriented funding
Since the Helmholtz Association's foundation in Autumn 2001, all the research has been strategically restructured. Programme-oriented funding is the centrepiece of these reforms. We no longer invest our resources in individual institutions, but rather fund centre-embracing Research Programmes that compete with each other for funding. In accordance with the core objectives of the Pact for Research and Innovation, activities now concentrate primarily on achieving top-flight results through cooperation and competition. 

LK I + LK II = Perfomance Categories
Within the different programmes, the Helmholtz centres are pooling their research and development activities and are working on finding answers to their own scientific questions. Research activities make up part of the Helmholtz In-house research and are assigned to performance category I (LK I). By contrast, operation of large-scale scientific facilities falls in its own category, LK II. BESSY II is part of performance category II.

Partners in the Helmholtz community

DESY German Electron Synchrotron
DLR German Aerospace Centre
FZJ Jülich Research Centre
GFZ Helmholtz Centre Potsdam – German Research Centre for Geosciences
HI ERN Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nürnberg for Renewable Energy
HNSEI Helmholtz-NREL Solar Energy Initiative


Helmholtz Centre Geesthacht for Materials and Coastal Research
HZDR Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
HZI Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research
KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
UFZ Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ

External partners

PTB National Metrology Institute providing Scientific and Technical Services
MPG Max Planck Society
BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing

Research facilities at HZB

BESSY II Electron Storage Ring 
BeJEL Berlin Joint Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Laboratory
EMIL Energy Materials In-situ Laboratory Berlin: Preparation and analysis laboratory
with lab complexes SISSY and CAT
Corelabs   Core HZB laboratories for international users and industry
PT Cyclotron - The facility for proton therapy and radhard
Ultrafast Laser Laboratory for Applied Sciences