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CoreLab Quantum Materials

The CoreLab Quantum Materials offers a suite of instruments and methods for the synthesis and the investigation of new materials relevant for energy and information technologies. The methods are quite general and can be applied to many other material classes. This CoreLab makes them available to all HZB scientists, external scientists in the framework of collaborations, and also commercial users.

The CoreLab Quantum Materials consists of three units:

  • Crystal lab: Synthesis of materials in polycrystalline form, phase analysis, single crystal growth on request
  • Sample preparation lab: Preparation of materials for further investigations, single crystal orientation, cutting, polishing, etc.
  • Physical properties lab: Measurements of a wide range of physical properties as function of temperature and magnetic field, such as electrical and thermal conductivity, magnetization, AC and DC susceptibility, specific heat, and electrical polarisation (includes former LaMMB). Pressure cells for magnetization measurements are available.

Recent Highlights: 3D Quantum Spin Liquid (2020), Bethe strings (2020), 2D quantum spin liquid (2016)


Data Archive