• Schmidt, A.; Jelezko, F.; Naydenov, B.; Reithmaier, J.P.; Popov, C.: Fabrication of highly dense arrays of nanocrystalline diamond nanopillars with integrated silicon-vacancy color centers during the growth. Optical Materials Express 9 (2019), p. 4545-4555

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Highly dense arrays of diamond nanopillars have been fabricated using nanocrystalline diamond films (NCD) as the starting material. The fabrication process consisted of electron beam lithography (EBL), aluminum mask deposition and inductively coupled O2 plasma reactive ion etching. The EBL pattern fidelity was enhanced by proximity corrections and dose variations. Optical characterizations of the arrays indicated the incorporation of silicon-vacancy centers during NCD growth as well as enhanced fluorescence and photoluminescence intensities in the well-developed pillar arrays. Transferring this fabrication method to monocrystalline diamond, such dense arrays of diamond nanopillars could be applied in quantum photonics as emitter arrays or photonic crystals upon integration of color centers.