Haschke, J.; Amkreutz, D.; Korte, L.; Ruske, F.; Rech, B.: Towards wafer quality crystalline silicon thin-film solar cells on glass. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 128 (2014), p. 190-197

In this paper we present our latest progress in fabricating high quality crystalline silicon thin film solar cells on glass. Large silicon grains are directly formed via electron-beam induced liquid phase crystallisation (LPC) from a nanocrystalline precursor film. The LPC process is carried out on an amorphous SiO2 layer, and both a high quality self-passivating interface as well as excellent electronic bulk properties are obtained. Solar cells with stable efficiencies of 11.5% and open-circuit voltages well above 600mV with a maximum value of 656mV are presented. So far, such high VOC values have only been achieved on wafer-based silicon solar cells.