Groitl, F.; Toft-Petersen, R.; Quintero-Castro, D.; Meng, S.; Lu, Z.; Huesges, Z.; Le, M.D.; Alimov, S.; Wilpert, T.; Kiefer, K.; Gerischer, S.; Bertin, A.; Habicht, K.: MultiFLEXX - The new multi-analyzer at the cold triple-axis spectrometer FLEXX. Scientific Reports 7 (2017), p. 13637/1-12
Open Accesn Version

The first experimental characterization of a multiple energy analysis wide angle backend for a cold triple-axis spectrometer is reported. The multi-analyzer module MultiFLEXX employs 155 detection channels which simultaneously probe an extensive range in wavevector and energy transfer. Successful mapping of magnetic excitations in MnF2 and Ho demonstrate order of magnitude gains in data collection efficiency using this novel type backend. MultiFLEXX is competitive to standard triple-axis spectroscopy in terms of energy resolution and signal-to-noise ratio. A minority of the detector channels is affected by spurious signals inherent to this multiplexing concept. The characteristic signature of these spurious signals easily allows for their discrimination. The instrument concept focuses on detection efficiency in the horizontal scattering plane which makes it an ideal technique for fast mapping and parametric studies including extreme sample environment.