Huesges, Z.; Kliemt, K.; Krellner, C.; Sarkar, R.; Klauß, H.-H.; Geibel, C.; Rotter, M.; Novák, P.; Kunes, J.; Stockert, O.: Analysis of the crystal electric field parameters of YbNi4P2. New Journal of Physics 20 (2018), p. 073021/1-10
Open Accesn Version

The crystal electric field (CEF) scheme of YbNi4P2 is determined, based on experimental data from inelastic neutron scattering, heat capacity, susceptibility and NMR measurements. Despite the tetragonal crystal structure, 9 parameters are needed to describe the crystal field in YbNi4P2 due to the orthorhombic site symmetry of the Yb ion. A large basal plane anisotropy is detected by the local probe NMR. Our analysis yields CEF excitation energies of 8.5 meV, 12.5 meV and roughly 30meV and a ground state wave function that is dominated by the 5/2 state. Furthermore, we present an analysis of the CEF scheme based on DFT calculations, which confirms the large basal plane anisotropy.