• Eisenhauer, D.; Thi Trinh, C.; Amkreutz, D.; Becker, C.: Light management in crystalline silicon thin-lm solar cells with imprint-textured glass superstrate. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 200 (2019), p. 109928/1-6

Open Access Version

The implementation of light management textures in thin-film solar cells often simultaneously causes an undesired deterioration of electronic performance. Here, we introduce a simple yet effective technique for improved light management in liquid phase crystallized silicon thin-film solar cells on glass. By imprinting pyramidal textures on the sun-facing side of the glass superstrate, absorber and functional layers of the device remain unaffected while light in-coupling is significantly increased. An increase of short-circuit current density by 2.5mAcm2 was observed by texturing the glass in this way, corresponding to an enhanced power conversion efficiency from 12.9% to 13.8%. Optical simulations allow to attribute the increase in equal shares to an anti-reflective effect at the air-glass interface as well as light scattering and multiple passes through the glass. The technology allows for independent optimization of optical performance without compromising on electronic material issues and is therefore usable for any other solar cell technology using a glass superstrate.