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Open Port Beamlines

In addition to various instruments, the HZB gives users the unique opportunity to bring their own equipment to some of the BESSY II beamlines, the so-called "open port" beamlines. Please see the list below in order to find the appropriate "open port" beamline for the intended experiment. Before handing in your proposal, please contact the responsible instrument scientist to discuss the experimental details.

full operation
limited operation
under construction

BeamlineLocation (Pillar)Energy rangePolarisationBeam availabilityPhoneApplicable station(s)Contact
PM3 Soft X-ray dipole variable polarisation with PGM open port + scattering chamber
13.2 20 - 1900 eV • horizontal
• circular
24h/d 0049 30 8062 13429

User station, PM3 scattering, SOLIAS, ALICE II, RGBL-PEEM

Torsten Kachel
Dirk Ponwitz
U49-2_PGM-1 U49-2_PGM-1 Undulator PGM horizontal polarisation

will be replaced by UE51_PGM-1
16.2 85 - 1600 eV horizontal 12h/d +49 30 8062 14835

'Find a station for me', User station, TOF-PES, ALICE II, POLARIMETER, SolidFlexRIXS, RGBL-PEEM

Jie Xiao
Ronny Golnak
U125-2_NIM U125-2_NIM
4.2 6(4) - 40 eV horizontal 12h/d --

User station, Small Reflectometer

Peter Baumgärtel
UE52_SGM Soft X-ray undulator radiation variable polarization with SGM and resonant bunch excitation for open
10.2 100 - 1500 eV variable 12h/d +49 30 8062 13431

User station, 'Find a station for me', SOL³PES, ALICE II, nmTransmission NEXAFS, POLARIMETER, SolidFlexRIXS, RGBL-PEEM

Lars Birger Mattis Fondell
Christian Weniger
Sebastian Eckert
Vinícius Vaz da Cruz

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