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Joint Research Group Ultrafast Dynamics

Physical properties of nanoscale vs bulk materials

Ultrafast Dynamics: Nanoscience and materials for information technologies

Our research on nanoscale materials focuses on the deviation of their physical properties in comparison to their bulk counterparts. The determination of these properties is a challenge in itself and requires the development of new analytical methods. A promising approach for nanoanalytics is time-resolved x-ray diffraction. In previous experiments at HZB we could determine the thermal properties in a complex superlattice sample. [1] In a different experiment we utilized a similar sample for synchrotron pulse-shortening in an x-ray diffraction experiment. [2] The same method could be applied to study complex interactions and correlations between electronic and lattice degrees of freedom. In the framework of HZB we provide new analytical tools and methods for the characterization of complex systems on the nanoscale.

enlarged view

Figure 2 Experimental (a) and analytical (b) method to determine physical properties of nanostructured systems. The example shows the experiment and a simulation of heat conduction in a superlattice.

[1] R. Shayduk et al. New J. Phys., 13 (093032)
[2] H. Navirian et al. J. Appl. Phys., 109 (126104)