Publications 2019

Abdel-Mageed, A.; Klyushin, A.; Rezvani, A.; Knop-Gericke, A.; Schlögl, R.; Behm, R.: Negative Charging of Au Nanoparticles during Methanol Synthesis from CO2/H-2 on a Au/ZnO Catalyst: Insights from Operando IR and Near-Ambient-Pressure XPS and XAS Measurements. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 58 (2019), p. 10325-10329
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Abdel-Mageed, A.M.; Klyushin, A.; Knop-Gericke, A.; Schlögl, R.; Behm, R.J.: Influence of CO on the Activation, O-Vacancy Formation, and Performance of Au/ZnO Catalysts in CO2 Hydrogenation to Methanol. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 10 (2019), p. 3645-3653

Carbonio, E.A.; Rodrigues-Filho, U.P.; Mesquita, A.; Landers, R.; Gonzalez, E.R.: Oxygen Reduction on Methanol-Tolerant Carbon-Supported PtxSy Nanoparticles Prepared by a Single-Step Low-Temperature Method. Electrocatalysis 10 (2019), p. 516-523

Götsch, T.; Knöpfle, N.; Grünbacher, M.; Bernardi, J.; Carbonio, E.A.; Haevecker, M.; Knop-Gericke, A.; Bekheet, M.F.; Schlicker, L.; Doran, A.; Gurlo, A.; Franz, A.; Kloetzer, B.; Penner, S.: Crystallographic and Electronic Evolution of Lanthanum Strontium Ferrite (La0.6Sr0.4FeO3-δ) Thin Film and Bulk Model Systems during Iron Exsolution. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (2019), p. 3781-3794
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Klein, D.; Xu, Yaolin; Schlögl, R.; Cap, S.: Low reversible capacity of nitridated titanium electrical terminals. Batteries : open access battery technology & materials journal 5 (2019), p. 11-18
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Ometto, F.; Carbonio, E.; Teixeira-Neto, É.; Villullas, H.: Changes induced by transition metal oxides in Pt nanoparticles unveil the effects of electronic properties on oxygen reduction activity. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (2019), p. 2075-2086

Velasco-Vélez, J.J.; Jones, T.; Gao, D.; Carbonio, E.; Arrigo, R.; Hsu, C.-J.; Huang, Y.-C.; Dong, C.-L.; Chen, J.-M.; Lee, J.-F.; Strasser, P.; Roldan Cuenya, B.; Schlögl, R.; Knop-Gericke, A.; Chuang, C.-H.: The Role of the Copper Oxidation State in the Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 into Valuable Hydrocarbons. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 7 (2019), p. 1485-1492
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Wang, R.; Purdie, D.G.; Fan, Y.; Massabuau, F.C.-P.; Braeuninger-Weimer, P.; Burton, O.J.; Blume, R.; Schloegl, R.; Lombardo, A.; Weatherup, R.S.; Hofmann, S.: A peeling approach for integrated manufacturing of large monolayer h-BN crystals. ACS Nano 13 (2019), p. 2114-2126
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