PM3 scattering

Resonant Soft X-ray scattering, NEXAFS, Reflectometry at PM3

PM3 scattering ist ein fest installiertes Experiment am PM3 Monochromator für Transmissions-, Reflexions- und Beugungsmessungen.

The PM3 scattering station at the PM3 beamline.

The PM3 scattering station at the PM3 beamline.


Magnetic Scattering, Reflectivity, EXAFS, NEXAFS, XMCD

Remote access

depends on experiment - please discuss with Instrument Scientist

Beamline data
Energy range 20 - 1900 eV
Energy resolution 32000 at 64 eV
Flux 1e9 - 1e10
Polarisation • horizontal
• circular
Focus size (hor. x vert.) 180 µm hor., vert. depends on exit slit
Phone 0049 30 8062 13429
Weitere Details PM3
Station data
Temperature range 18 - 400 K
Pressure range 1E-9 - 5E-8 mbar
Detector Si
Manipulators x - y - z, th
Sample holder compatibility Omicron sample holder
Additional equipment rotatable electro-magnet (max 800 mT)