Soft x-ray EMIL Beamline

In the storage ring, the UE48_EMIL serves as light emitter for the soft X-ray branch of the EMIL facility. It can provide helical polarized radiation in the soft-X-ray range from 80 to 2300 eV. The central component of the soft-X-ray branch is a collimated Plane Grating Monochromator (PGM) equipped with two blazed reflexion gratings. Steering and focusing of the photon beam are performed with a variety of pre- and post monochromator mirrors, so that four experimental stations can be served with soft X-rays: SISSY-I, SISSY-II (OAESE), CAT and MYSTIIC.

Soft X-ray Beamline Layout (see text below for detailed description)

Soft X-ray Beamline Layout (see text below for detailed description)

Beamline data
Segment L12
Location (Pillar) 13.2
Source UE48
Monochromator PGM 400 l/mm and 800 l/mm (both blazed)
Energy range 80 eV to 2000 eV
Energy resolution E/ΔE ~ 1000 (@2000 eV) - 10000 (@80 eV)
Flux 1012 - 1013 ph/s
Polarisation horizontal, vertical, circular
Divergence horizontal mrad
Divergence vertical mrad
Focus size (hor. x vert.)
  • @SISSY I: 43 x 29 µm²
  • @SISSY II: 105 x 20 µm²
  • @CAT: 140 x 48 µm²
  • User endstation
    Distance Focus/last valve mm
    Height Focus/floor level 1400 mm
    Beam availability
    Applicable station(s)
    CAT 25 - 800 °C
    MYSTIIC Room Temperature

    A toroidal mirror M1 collimates (vertically) and focusses (horizontally) the UE48 beam onto the exit slit. The radiation is dispersed by a plane grating monochromator equipped with two blazed gratings (400 and 800 l/mm). A switching mirror unit M3 with two cylindrical mirrors deflects the beam to the endstations SISSY-I and SISSY-II (OAESE) or to the MYSTIIC station (not shown). Alternatively the mirrors are retracted and an additional cylindrical mirror provides the radiation for the CAT experiment. Two ellipsoidal mirrors in the switching mirror unit M4 refocus the exit slit stigmatically to either the SISSY-I or SISSY-II (OAESE) endstation, and a toroidal mirror refocuses the beam to the CAT endstation.

    For more information about the beamline performance, please check the download files at the right.