Momentum and Energy resolved RIXS at molecular Systems at U41-METRIXS

METRIXS is dedicated to measure vibrationally resolved resonant inelastic x-ray scattering (RIXS) on molecular systems in liquid and gaseous form. RIXS as a coherent Raman process conserves both energy and bandwidth of the scattered radiation. Thus, lifetime broadening of the intermediate state as well as the final state does not contribute to the spectrum for scattering back into the electronic ground state of the molecule, and only the incident energy bandwidth defines the spectral resolution, allowing for high resolution measurements of molecular vibrational progressions.

  • Probing the hydrogen bond strength of liquid water using RIXS
  • One-dimensional cuts through multidimensional potential energy surfaces by tunable X-rays
  • Nuclear dynamics in RIXS and XAS of methanol
  • RIXS on CO2: parity conservation in inversion-symmetric polyatomics



Remote access

not possible

Beamline data
Energy range 250 - 1000 eV
Energy resolution
Polarisation lin. horizontal
Focus size (hor. x vert.) 15 µm x 2 µm
Weitere Details U41 SGM METRIXS
Station data
Temperature range room temperature
Pressure range
Manipulators Liquid and gas flow cell, liquid jet
Sample holder compatibility
Additional equipment