Ultrafast XAS, XMCD, XMRS, and RXD with femtosecond soft x-ray pulses at UE56-1-ZPM

The FemtoSpeX-DynaMaX is a fix end-station installed at the UE56-1-ZPM beamline. Using ultrashort x-ray pulses with variable polarization from the femtoslicing source at the UE56-1-ZPM beamline and intrinsically synchronized laser pulses from a Ti:Sa laser amplifier system it is dedicated to ultrafast XAS, XMCD, (magnetic) reflectivity and soft x-ray diffraction experiments. The sample environment includes LHe cooling, and applying magnetic fields up to 1.5 T by a fast-ramping super-conducting vector magnet. The main scientific focus is on ultrafast magnetization dynamics.

  • investigating ultrafast phase transition in strongly correlated materials with the focus on ultrafast magnetic dynamics
  • probing magnetic materials element selectively
  • L2,3 absorption edges of the 3d transition metals
  • M4,5 resonances of 4f rare earth elements



Time-resolved diffraction, Magnetic Scattering, Reflectivity, REXS, Time-resolved scattering, XMCD, XMLD, Time-resolved absorption, NEXAFS, Reflectometry, Time-resolved reflection

Remote access

depends on experiment - please discuss with Instrument Scientist

Beamline data
Energy range 400 - 1500 eV; 1800 eV
Energy resolution 500
Flux 1·106 ph/sec/0.1%BW@6kHz (100 fs pulses)
Polarisation variable
Focus size (hor. x vert.) typ. 140 µm x 50 µm (slit)
Phone +49 30 8062-14715
Weitere Details UE56-1_ZPM
Station data
Temperature range 20 – 350 K in standard configuration (for higher or lower temperatures, please contact the instrument scientists)
Pressure range UHV
Detector Avalanche photodiode, Si photodiode rotatable around the sample in the horizontal scattering plane, ± 50 mm vertical detector motion.
Manipulators Two circle diffractometer, sample stage provides 3 translations and 2 rotations: x, y, z, ϑ, χ (± 3°)
Sample holder compatibility Omicron-type sample plates
Additional equipment
  • Fast ramping vector magnet: 1.5 T + 0.75 T in the scattering plane, 0.75 T vertical. The magnet can be rotated in the scattering plane.
  • Laser for sample excitation at 800 nm, 400 nm (for other wavelengths please contact the instrument scientists)