IRIS THz/Infrared Dipole Beamline 2

Station data
Temperature range 1.6K - 500K
Pressure range For details contact the scientist in charge.
Weitere Details IR-Spectroscopy and Microscopy
Beamline data
Segment L02
Location (Pillar) 4.1
Source D11 (Dipole)
Monochromator Fourier Transform Spectrometers
Energy range .0006-1 eV, 2-10000 1/cm, 0.1-300 THz
Energy resolution 0.125 1/cm
Flux --
Polarisation linearly horizontal/vertical
Divergence horizontal 60 mrad
Divergence vertical 40 mrad
Focus size (hor. x vert.) diffraction limited
User endstation not possible
Distance Focus/last valve variable mm
Height Focus/floor level variable mm
Beam availability 24h/d
Phone +49 30 8062 14716