Quartz gas adsorption insert for high temperature furnace

The insert for the ILL-high temperature furnace (HTF) is constructed for in-situ gas adsorption experiments under static or continuous flow conditions at temperatures up to 1000°C and pressures lower than 1.5 bars.

The sample is placed in a low hydrogen containing quartz tube (outer/inner diameter: 12 / 9mm), in which the temperature is measured by an n-type thermocouple close to the sample position above the beam.

HTF-insert for gas adsorption

HTF-insert for gas adsorption

Quartz tube
Pressure Range 150 kPa
Sample Space Dia./Height 9 mm / 50 mm
Insert suitable to cryostat HTF-1, HTF-2, HTF-V3, HTF-V4
Temperature Range 300 K - 1300 K
Thermometry Sensors Type N