The high flux density beamline is specially designed for the high resolution, aberration corrected spectromicroscope SMART. Located in a low-beta section with a round undulator source the PGM beamline illuminates the specimen surface in the SMART electron microscope with an ideal round beam with high flux density. The wide energy range of 100 to 1800 eV gives access to nearly all relevant XPS peaks and NEXAFS adsorption edges, used for chemical contrast in the photoemission electron microscope to study the local chemical composition on the surface in nanometer range. The variable choice of horizontal, vertical and (left/right) circular polarized light enables the investigation of e.g. molecular orientation in organic films or the magnetization in magnetic domains.

UE49 SMART beamline with microscope in front

UE49 SMART beamline with microscope in front

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Applicable station(s)

Temperature rangePressure Range
SMART 200 - 1800 K1e-10 - 5x 1e-6 mbar
Beamline data
Segment L08
Location (Pillar) 9.2
Source UE49 (Elliptical Undulator)
Monochromator PGM
Energy range 100 - 1800 eV
Energy resolution 10000 at 200 eV
Flux e11 - e13 ph/s/300mA
Polarisation variable (linear and circular)
Divergence horizontal at specimen: 11 mrad
Divergence vertical at specimen: 11 mrad
Focus size (hor. x vert.) h x v = 3,7 µm x 5 µm (10 µm x 5 µm on specimen surface)
User endstation not possible
Distance Focus/last valve 350 mm
Height Focus/floor level 1350 mm
Beam availability 12h/d
Phone +49 30 8062 13430