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Virtual tours

The HZB in 360 degrees 

Start your tour

Start your tour in the control room

Due to Corona, it is currently not possible to welcome groups of visitors at HZB and guide them through the facility. Nevertheless, we would like to open our doors virtually for you and provide insights into research at HZB. Make yourself comfortable and start your own virtual tour through BESSY II. Move through 360-degree images, have a look and linger at selected stations.

Tours through the accelerator: Follow the path of light

Have you always wanted to walk through an accelerator? Then let's get started! The two tours "The Path of Light" and "The Experiment" start in the control room of BESSY II. Continue to the place where electrons race through and emit light at almost the speed of light - the storage ring tunnel. Follow the light and see how we experiment with it.

Enjoy the digital tour!

Tours Wannsee site

At the HZB Wannsee site, for example, we are investigating novel catalyst materials needed for the generation of hydrogen with sunlight or the electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide into fuels. We are working on better battery systems and analyzing materials with different X-ray methods. In cooperation with the Berlin Charité, we offer eye tumor therapy with protons, which takes place at a particle accelerator. Take a look around our laboratories and discover how we do research. A blue sign in the 360° panoramas points to video clips or graphics showing important processes.

Enjoy the digital tours!

More panoramas

Some of the HZB's research facilities can be visited as 360-degree panoramas. These panoramas do not contain any explanations and are mainly available to our researchers and cooperation partners for guided tours or lectures.