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LightHouse Project with Research Instruments (RI)

Quote from a press release issued by RI:

“At RI in Bergisch Gladbach we are currently setting up the beam test facility to demonstrate the feasibility of the LightHouse electron accelerator. As electron source we use a photocathode, where a pulsed green laser beam (515nm, 40W) hits a carefully prepared bi-alkali antimonite film releasing pulses of electrons into the vacuum. Preparing such photocathodes is an art in itself, but thanks to the close collaboration with Cornell University and Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin we have mastered the vacuum vapor deposition and learnt how to fabricate the photocathodes ourselves."

Advantages for our Partner Research Instrument:

  • HZB provides RI with the know how and experience of the scientists from the accelerator research unit
  • Unique test facilities at HZB can validate the newly developed technology

HZB's contribution

  • Technology consulting for the production of photocathodes
  • Technology consulting for use of laser pulses for release of electron pulses
  • Coupler tests in the Superconducting rf Electron Accelerator laboratory (SEAlab)