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Protons cure eye tumors

Dr. Jens Heufelder, the senior medical physicist at Charité - University Medicine Berlin

 "Irradiation with protons is a particularly effective method:  The energy of the proton beam can be adjusted so that practically only the tumor receives the radiation. Since the protons have a straight trajectory, lateral scattering is much lower than with X-rays."

Advantages for our partner Charité

  • The treatment team has access to a patient-friendly environment at the large-scale research facility on the Wannsee campus.
  • In 97 percent of cases, the tumor can be completely destroyed by irradiation with protons, and in most cases not only the eye but also the vision is preserved.

HZB's contribution

  • HZB provides a proton beam with an energy, intensity and stability that is optimally suited for proton therapy.