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Code of Conduct

Our actions are based on the core values of openness, reliability, respect, diversity, integrity, and commitment. We have formulated these values together as a Code of Conduct and as an overarching body of rules. This is a component of the compliance management system of HZB.

Compliant conduct is a prerequisite for trustworthy and secure cooperation within HZB and with our external partners. The Code of Conduct provides an overview of the most important rules at HZB and names contacts for their respective subject matters. It serves to provide orientation with respect to legally compliant and responsible action, and summarises the expectations of HZB for the conduct of all managers and employees in relation to our values and rules.

The Code of Conduct covers topics including, among others, societal and social responsibility, respect, equal opportunities and diversity, leadership culture, and cooperation with the works council. Other core topics include occupational safety, environmental protection and sustainability, compliance, and the rules of Good Scientific Practice, as well as privacy and IT security.

The Code of Conduct can be read here.