Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin funds three-month stay abroad during PhD

Anyone looking at a career in science will hear soon enough: Spending time abroad is extremely useful for international networking with peers. It is not always easy to go abroad within the three-year doctorate period. And, until now, it has been even harder to finance the desired stay abroad. Now there is a new programme that supports young researchers on their projects and makes doing a PhD at HZB much more attractive: the PhD Student Research Abroad. Up to five PhD students can befunded each year. The pilot project starts in March 2014.

PhD students can spend up to three months at a research establishment abroad during their doctoral studies. The only prerequisite: This stay must be related to the thesis topic and must not prolong the doctoral period. “The international exchange programme PhD Student Research Abroad makes it easy to stay in another country – and the doctoral students who take the step get to come away with some truly unique experiences,” says Dr. Gabriele Lampert. She is the PhD student coordinator at HZB and helped develop the new programme.

Those who wish to participate in the programme should ask his or her supervisor. It is the supervisors who ultimately submit the application. This ensures the prerequisites are truly met and that the stay abroad fits well into the schedule. The supervisors at HZB will also get in contact with foreign institutes or talk with cooperating departments.

Ms. Lampert will answer any further questions you may have about the new exchange programme.