Twitter Storify: All about the Foresight Workshop on Energy Materials Research at BESSY II

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Photo: HZB / G.Bertling 

Get an impression of the topics discussed during the Foresight BESSY II Workshop on <a href="">storify</a>.

Get an impression of the topics discussed during the Foresight BESSY II Workshop on storify.

The Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie focuses on developing advanced materials for solar energy conversion and storage and wants to extend a discussion platform for future projects and research activities. Therefore HZB invites current and future users from universities, research institutes and industry to the BESSY II Foresight Workshop which takes place from October 10 – 11, 2016. These discussions help HZB identifying prospective scientific fields and – very importantly - the expectations, needs and requirements from the user communities for cutting edge science with synchrotron radiation. Here is the workshop programme.

Scope of the workshop
After introductory overview talks on the main topics of Energy Materials Research, topical sessions will allow an intense exchange of ideas and will be completed by a common discussion on needs and expectations concerning beam properties, instrumentation, and sample environment. A poster session and a facility visit will also also part of the programme.

Foresight Workshop on Twitter and Storify

You can follow the highlights of the workshop on twitter @HZBde or briefly on storify.