HZB has once again been recertified as a family-friendly employer

Since 2011, HZB has held the “Career and Family” certificate of the non-profit Hertie Foundation. Every three years, HZB’s schemes for balancing work and family/life have to be put under review. In March 2018, independent reviewers confirmed that HZB is still a certified family-friendly employer.

“For the audit, we had to prove we had continued to improve the work/life balance at HZB over the last three years,” says the head of Strategic Personnel development, Dr. Jennifer Schevardo. One thing introduced, among others, is a set of home office rules for employees without family responsibilities. 

Office of Work/Life in the planning

Further measures are planned for the next three years. “We would like to establish an Office of Work/Life at HZB where employees can come for individual and confidential advice on HZB’s schemes,” Schevardo reveals.

The office will also organise various events for employees relating to the topic of work/life balance. Plans include, for example, training courses on how to benefit from the HZB work/life balance schemes, seminars for one’s own reflection on work/life balance, and informal knowledge sharing events, e.g. on the subject of care. These measures will be coordinated by HZB’s Project Manager for Work/Life Balance, Anja Seehrich.

About the “Career and Family” certificate

Around 1,600 employers in Germany have been certified under the “Career and Family” audit conducted by the non-profit Hertie Foundation. This audit helps companies and universities to implement sustainable personnel policies that recognise family and phases of life.