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News    09.07.2018

Summer in the laboratory: 21 summer students start their research project at the HZB

21 students from all over the world will work on their research projects during summer at HZB.
Copyright: S. Kodalle/HZB

Young people from all over the world have applied to the Helmholtz Centre to take part in the annual summer programme: eight weeks of research in an HZB team, well supervised, taking their first steps in their own scientific work. Now 21 students from eleven countries have arrived and are looking forward to their research project.  They will present their results on 30 August.

They come from Canada, China, Cuba, Egypt or Russia and study chemistry, physics or materials science. For some it is the first step into research, others already have some experience. But all of them can count on the HZB scientists to support them very well in their project.

"This year again, many HZB researchers have registered with project ideas for summer students and agreed to accompany the students intensively," says Gabriele Lampert, who coordinates the summer student programme. "I know that this also means additional work, but the experience of recent years also shows that it is often worthwhile for both sides. It happens time and again that summer students here at the HZB enjoy research and come back later, for example as doctoral students or users.




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