Atoosa Meseck is a professor of accelerator physics at the University of Mainz

On 1 September 2018, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz appointed Atoosa Meseck to the joint professorship “Accelerator physics – collective effects and nonlinear beam dynamics”. Prof. Dr. Atoosa Meseck is researching at HZB into novel concepts for undulators, as are indispensable for producing high brightness synchrotron radiation. Among other things, she is developing undulator concepts for the successor facility BESSY III, for which the concept is currently being developed at HZB.

Atoosa Meseck is a university professor at the Institute for Nuclear Physics in Faculty 08 – Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Mainz. She is continuing to research at HZB in the scope of a joint special professorship. Additionally, she will be involved in the training of young scientists at the Master Academy of the University of Mainz. 

Atoosa Meseck is the deputy head of the “Undulators” department at HZB, and will become the head of the departement at the end of 2019. She studied and completed her PhD at the University of Hamburg. In 2012, she completed her habilitation at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and received her teaching qualification.

At HZB, Atoosa Meseck is researching undulators, which are key components in the operation of synchrotron sources. They are complex magnetic configurations that increase the brightness of the synchrotron light enormously. HZB is one of the few institutions in the world where undulators are being developed, built and operated.

“Our department is developing new undulators that can fulfil the needs of users better than ever. We are also developing concepts for the planned BESSY III, where the performance of undulators will be very important,” Atoosa Meseck says.


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