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Monthly news from HZB - via email newsletter.

Monthly news from HZB - via email newsletter.

The <a rel="noopener" href="" class="Intern">highlightreport 2017</a> is online available.

The highlightreport 2017 is online available.

Exactly twenty years ago, BESSY II went into operation. In the current September newsletter, which we are sending out this week, we present the anniversary website, report on the new highlight report 2017 and on successes in technology transfer. Have you already registered for the newsletter? Here is the registration link.

If you register, you will receive a selection of well-prepared information from the HZB once a month, from media reports to your own research news and reading tips. The newsletter supplements the HZB newspaper Lichtblick, which is published four times a year. In the September issue we also refer to the Highlight Report 2017, which has now been published. You can download the highlight report 2017 as a pdf file online.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions to further improve this new information channel.