HZB is member of the IGAFA initiative in Adlershof

What are the activities of IGAFA?

What are the activities of IGAFA?

Since September 2020, the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin is again a member of IGAFA - the Initiative of Non-University Research Institutions in Adlershof. Prof. Dr. Jan Lüning, scientific director of the HZB, was elected to the association's board.

The tasks of IGAFA include the promotion of interdisciplinary cooperation, the promoting of scientific content through publications and events and the care of international guests in two meeting centers (see figure).

In addition, IGAFA sees itself as an interface between research and the public interested in science. For this reason, IGAFA participates, for example, in the Adlershof Dissertation Prize, the Long Night of Sciences, or supervises the Adlershof Ladies Network.