Special edition of lichtblick: The HZB - that's us

50 issues of lichtblick have been published since 2009 and that inspired us to do something special. In this issue, we focus on employees who do a great voluntary work or have an exciting hobby. They represent the many, many people who make HZB an vibrant and diverse place.

A small excerpt from the many stories that await you in this issue:

Harald Köhrich has been on THW missions for more than 30 years and has experienced many things during this time. Jens Raeder is interested in historical radio technology and has founded an NVA museum. Daniela Theile spends endless hours in the swimming pool. She is a leading member of the DLRG and teaches babies and children how to swim and how to save themselves. Nikoline Hansen is committed to fighting anti-Semitism and is chairperson of an association that organises many activities.

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The lichtblick editorial team hopes you enjoy reading this issue.