Pichl, L.; Bergmann, Y.; Bundels, A.; Huck, H.; Ott, K.: Radiation Protection Instrumentation of bERLinPro. In: Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Radiation Safety at Synchrotron Radiation Sources : MAX IV Laboratory, Lund University, Sweden, 22-24 May 2019. Lund University, MAX IV Laboratory, 2020, p. 96-105
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The Energy Recovery Linac project bERLinPro is a test facility to study the possible usage of an ERL as synchrotron light source [1]. It is currently under construction and will be operated with the maximum beam parameters of 50 MeV and 100 mA cw current. Even though the electron losses within the recirculator are limited to 0.6 % due to the available rf power supply, (at higher losses an immediate beam break up occurs because of the ERL principle) the beam loss power is by orders of magnitude higher than in electron storage rings used for synchrotron radiation (e.g. the injection beam power of BESSYII is 17 W during 10 Hz injections). The Fluka [6,7] calculations of the resulting activation of machine components and air activation have been discussed in earlier papers [3,4]. We present in this work the components of the ambient dosimetry, the measurement system of air activations and their inclusion in the personal safety system. Additionally we present recent calculations of the activation of cooling water and the method of storing and measuring it in case of a leakage.