Zhao, K.; Deng, H.; Chen, H.; Ross, K.A.; Petricek, V.; Günther, G.; Russina, M.; Hutanu, V.; Gegenwart, P.: Realization of the kagome spin ice state in a frustrated intermetallic compound. Science 367 (2020), p. 1218-1223
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Spin ices are exotic phases of matter characterized by frustrated spins obeying local “ice rules,” in analogy with the electric dipoles in water ice. In two dimensions, one can similarly define ice rules for in-plane Ising-like spins arranged on a kagome lattice. These ice rules require each triangle plaquette to have a single monopole and can lead to different types of orders and excitations. Using experimental and theoretical approaches including magnetometry, thermodynamic measurements, neutron scattering, and Monte Carlo simulations, we establish HoAgGe as a crystalline (i.e.,nonartificial) system that realizes the kagome spin ice state. The system features a variety of partially and fully ordered states and a sequence of field-induced phases at low temperatures, all consistent with the kagome ice rule