• Buzanich, A.G.; Kulow, A.; Kabelitz, A.; Grunewald, C.; Seidel, R.; Chapartegui-Arias, A.; Radtke, M.; Reinholz, U.; Emmerling, F.; Beyer, S.: Observation of early ZIF-8 crystallization stages with X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Soft Matter 17 (2021), p. 331-334


The present study investigates early stages of ZIF-8 crystallization up to 5 minutes post mixing of precursor solutions. Dispersive X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (DXAS) provides a refined understanding of the evolution of the coordination environment during ZIF-8 crystallization. Linear Combination Analysis (LCA) suggests tetrakis(1-methylimidazole)zinc2+ to be a suitable and stable mononuclear structure analogue for some early stage ZIF-8 intermediates. Our results pave the way for more detailed studies on physico-chemical aspects of ZIF-8 crystallization to better control tailoring ZIF-8 materials for specific applications.