• Barni, D.; Raimondo, L.; Galli, A.; Yivlialin, R.; Caglio, S.; Martini, M.; Sassella, A.: Chemical separation of acrylic color components enabling the identification of the pigment spectroscopic response. The European Physical Journal Plus : EPJ Plus 136 (2021), p. 254/1-9

Open Access Version

Acrylic colors are mixtures of several components that can be identified as pigments, binders, and fillers, so that, when analyzed, the characteristic response of the different components may not be recognizable. This limits the accuracy of spectroscopic techniques, nonetheless particularly useful as they are noninvasive and can be applied in situ on real artworks. Here, a method is proposed to chemically separate and identify the different components of acrylic colors, in order to be able to study their spectroscopic response separately, in particular by ultraviolet–visible–near-infrared diffuse reflectance. The results clearly show that the chemical and analytical method developed here is fully reliable, with the advantage of clearly separating the response of the different components without any change of their chromatic/chemical properties. As a case study, the new method is applied here to original acrylic colors used by the Italian artist Ico Parisi, in view of building a spectra database.