• Deinhart, V.; Kern, L.M.; Kirchhof, J.N.; Juergensen, S.; Sturm, J.; Krauss, E.; Feichtner, T.; Kovalchuk, S.; Schneider, M.; Enge, D.; Pfau, B.; Hecht, B.; Bolotin, K.I.; Reich, S.; Höflich, K.: The patterning toolbox FIB-o-mat: Exploiting the full potential of focused helium ions for nanofabrication. Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 12 (2021), p. 304-318

Open Access Version

Focused beams of helium ions are a powerful tool for high-fidelity machining with spatial precision below 5 nm. Achieving such a high patterning precision over large areas and for different materials in a reproducible manner, however, is not trivial. Here, we introduce the Python toolbox FIB-o-mat for automated pattern creation and optimization, providing full flexibility to accomplish demanding patterning tasks. FIB-o-mat offers high-level pattern creation, enabling high-fidelity large-area patterning and systematic variations in geometry and raster settings. It also offers low-level beam path creation, providing full control over the beam movement and including sophisticated optimization tools. Three applications showcasing the potential of He ion beam nanofabrication for two-dimensional material systems and devices using FIB-o-mat are presented.